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October 11, 2020
Soho House

Artist Suzy Kellems Dominik on nature as a collaborator

By Osman Can Yerebakan For Soho House Notes October 11, 2020

The Wyoming and San Francisco-based artist and New York member talks learning to cooperate with the great outdoors for her newest performance, Rapture.

After spending 16 summers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, artist Suzy Kellems Dominik embarked on her first car ride to the uninhibited state of American Northwest last June with her daughter. During their 15-hour road trip from San Francisco, the pair were stunned by the Idaho landscape and rock formations leading them into Wyoming’s endless skies, which ‘you could almost grab, but they escape your fingers,’ says Kellems Dominik. A gesture, in fact, goes a long way in the artist’s life and career, which have been defined both by subtlety and reaction, most recently culminating into a melange of both in Rapture (20:50 to 20:53). 

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