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As co-host of the ongoing Frank Fridays IGTV series conducted via Zoom, Hayworth supports Art Frankly founder Karline Moeller in bringing together a diverse range of arts professionals to share their insights on professional practice and their personal career experiences. Our series aims to explore the challenges and rewards of pursuing a career in the arts, and offer guidance to those who are just starting out.

Throughout each episode, we engage in lively conversations with artists, curators, educators, and other professionals in the field. We delve into topics such as professional networking, navigating the often-opaque art market, professional challenges and opportunities, and finding inspiration. We also explore the unique challenges faced by artists and arts professionals including underrepresentation, inequity in the market, and the persistent gender gap. We highlight the ways in which our interview subjects are working to create more inclusive and equitable spaces in the arts.

One of the many benefits of conducting this series via Zoom is that we can connect with professionals from all over the world, allowing for a truly global perspective on the arts. Additionally, we record each episode and share it on IGTV and YouTube, providing a lasting resource for artists and other arts professionals to refer back to.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a dynamic and engaging series that serves as a resource and a source of inspiration for artists and arts professionals at all stages of their careers. We believe that by sharing our collective knowledge and experiences, we can help build a stronger and more vibrant arts community.


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