Press Release
August 23, 2023

Affordable Art Fair New York Welcomes Eleventh Hour Art to Artlogic Fellowship Program

Eleventh Hour Art Gallery. Affordable Art Fair New York Artlogic Fellowship Program. Courtesy of the gallery.

Affordable Art Fair New York is pleased to announce the growth of its esteemed Fellowship Program. Affordable Art Fair has selected Brooklyn-based gallery EleventhHour Art to join Established Gallery as Fellows this fall. Further, the fair welcomes Art logic as title partner, lending valuable support, financial resources, and business development opportunities to Fellows and Affordable ArtFair exhibitors.

The Affordable Art Fair is a contemporary art fair dedicated to creating a dynamic and approachable entry-point to the contemporary art market for collectors, and art-curious fairgoers alike. Offering artwork created by emerging and established talent in a range of media and genres priced up to $12,000, the fair serves a community of galleries and their stable of living artists who seek new market opportunities and strive to strengthen their collectorships.

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