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May 26, 2023
Surface Magazine

Artful New Beginnings for Brooklyn’s Infamous Batcave

BY RYAN WADDOUPS For Surface Magazine May 26, 2023

The decommissioned power station, which earned its nickname after squatters threw underground raves there in the early aughts, was recently overhauled as the expansive new digs for Powerhouse Arts. It’s fitting that New York City, often referred to as Gotham, would have its very own Batcave. Situated at the edge of Brooklyn’s perennially polluted Gowanus Canal is a red-brick industrial building once home to the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company’s central power station. The six-story structure was decommissioned in the 1950s when steam power became obsolete. It was completely abandoned within a couple decades, causing its roof to give way and plants to sprout in its interior. Then the squatters arrived, blanketing its walls with graffiti and throwing all-night raves that earned the site its infamous nickname

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