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November 1, 2023
Jackson Hole News&Guide

Painting the Whole Picture

Jackson Hole News&Guide, Woman Issue, November 2023, Suzy Kellems Dominik.

By Billy Arnold For Jackson Hole News&Guide November 1, 2023

Inspiration for one of Suzy Kellems Dominik’s most colorful pieces — a 5-foot-4-inch neon vulva — struck as she spun around a Jackson Hole dance floor with a friend’s brother-in-law. “A dance was just a dance,” Kellems Dominik said. “No correlation.” Still, the dance, no matter how platonic, was an “aha” moment for the female-forward artist who draws inspiration from Renaissance painters and sculptors, and thinks of the advent of social media in 2008 as akin to the Protestant revolution. Kellems Dominik described that evening as a “Frank Lloyd Wright” place in time, a reference to the famous architect’s style of creating tension by requiring people to pass through deliberately compressing features — like doorways or porches — before reaching a larger room, where they can expand.

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