Hayworth was engaged by Authorne to develop and spearhead ongoing strategies surrounding the launch of their new brand.  Authorne was founded by Canadian-American contemporary jewelry artist Rachel Bu, who brings to life intricate, biographically-laden sculptural objects as wearable art. The artist transitioned her studio practice to contemporary fine jewelry in 2022, launching Authorne as a platform to continue her personal art practice while offering the opportunity for bespoke commissions and one-on-one collaboration with her clients.

Bu’s goal is to create Authorne as a brand that reflects her unique vision and aesthetic, while also allowing clients to tell their own stories through bespoke jewelry.

To begin, Hayworth supported the development of  key messaging to ensure that the brand's values and mission are clearly communicated to potential clients. This messaging surrounding both the brand and its motifs was meticulously crafted to reflect the artist's background in sculpture and the unique hybrid of Eastern and Western themes that she incorporates into her jewelry designs.

Another key ongoing facet of the campaign is art direction and support, striving to create a cohesive and visually compelling brand. This involves working with the artist to develop a visual style that reflects her artistic vision, as well as supporting the implementation of a style guide (developed by brand partners Greater Studio) to be used across all brand materials.

Functioning as a collective, Hayworth has engaged partners such as Rachel Moore of Wesley & Co. to develop a social media strategy, a provide a powerful tool for reaching potential clients, building brand awareness, and sharing the unique story of Authorne and its jewelry motifs. Together, Wesley & Co. and Hayworth oversee a content calendar, implement a targeted boosting strategy, and engage with values-aligned followers on social media.

Hayworth further leads editorial direction at Authorne, creating regular blog posts known as “Encounters”, newsletters, and other content that showcases the artist's work and highlights the unique stories behind her jewelry designs.

Finally, the launch event itself is a critical component of the campaign. The multimedia art exhibition showcases the artist's jewelry pieces in a museum-style exhibition format, with wall text, immersive video, and an interactive design platform. Attendees have the opportunity to add themselves to a waitlist for design consultations, allowing them to tell their own unique stories through bespoke jewelry.

With careful planning and long-term execution, this campaign has the potential to create a successful and enduring brand that reflects the artist's unique vision and resonates with customers who value bespoke, handmade jewelry.






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